1. rudygodinez:

    Lester B. Morrison/Alec Soth, Untitled Image from the Series “Lost Boy Mountain”, (2009)

    This series was published in Book form by Little Brown Mushroom Press in an edition of 1000

    “Below the Mountain, one hundred candles, a bed, licorice and beer.”

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  2. greatleapsideways:

    Very happy to see these pictures by Jarred Gastreich from Ferguson Police department in St Louis. It’s often (too often) so hard to believe in justice, and too often all the more so if you’re an African-American or a Native American. And yet justice is so profoundly necessary. In St Louis, and in so many other places in this country.

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  4. asylum-art:

    Jenny Morgan Paintings

    Artist on Tumblr

    Jenny Morgan is a professional artist working mainly in pastel and taking commissions in all subjects but specialising in portraiture.

    If a face to face sitting is not possible through time or distance then Jenny can paint from any clear photograph. This enables her to capture the look and character of the subject from an image that has been chosen especially by each client. By simplifying the sitting in this way it offers the chance for anyone to own a beautiful personal piece of art work, and makes a unique gift for a person who ‘has everything’.

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  5. mainart:

    Real windows framed as T.V Screens , 2014 Ibon Mainar

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  6. asylum-art:

    Kamoplan Chotvichai: Hand- cut paper, Self portraits Photographs

    Digital C-Print and Hand cut paper; 2013/2014

    Kamolpan Chotvichai was born in 1986 in Bangkok where she currently resides and works. She received her MFA at Silpakorn university ,Bangkok and has since been awarded numerous art prizes and scholarships. She challenges the limitations of paper in her artwork through the use of simple tools. One of her repertoires is the application of certain cutting techniques to dissolve her own image that is printed on paper. Based on the Buddha’s teaching on anatta(no self).

    One’s adhering to something can cause the greatest misery in life especially being attached to self-existing. The idea of this self-existing is actually self-formed and leads to variety of emotions. The temper, the mind and the body altogether gradually form the idea of being alive but when putting into consideration, without any substance, it is merely the thought that we think we are existing.

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  8. vintagegal:

    The Photography of Vivian Maier : Street View c. 1950s-1960s

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  9. nevver:

    Chimera, William Farges

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