1. Mungo Thomson - Negative Space (2006)

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    Amazing Art on Japanese Manhole Covers

    In Japan, there are many cities and towns that place visually stunning works of art right underneath pedestrians’ feet. There are almost 6,000 of these covers around the country, turning unattractive necessities into eye candy. Photographer S. Morita has documented hundreds of these covers over the years which are available on Morita’s Flickr page.

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    Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be awestruck. 

    Photographer Vincent Brady spent an entire summer creating this mesmerizing time lapse of fireflies in Missouri. 

    You’ve Never Seen Fireflies Like This

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    India K’s "Shared Landscapes" feel like a cool breath of air in my winter shriveled lungs.

    i am so happy people are seeing these! ack. 

    these are amazing 

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    Alec Soth

    Looking for Love

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    New stuff for a forming series.

    • RZ 67
    • 127mm
    • Tmax 100
    • HC110
    • V600

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  8. »anachronism« by anatol knotek (gabriele 10)
    »optimist« by anatol knotek (lettera 32)
    »too much« by anatol knotek (lettera 32)
    »so so« by anatol knotek (lettera 32)
    »missing partner« by anatol knotek (lettera 32)
    »missing partner« by anatol knotek (lettera 32)
    »up & down« by anatol knotek (lettera 32)
    »human right$« by anatol knotek (lettera 32)
    »then« by anatol knotek (gabriele 10)



    »anachronism« typewriter-poems by anatol knotek

    unique, handmade book, 16 poems, din a6, with sewn bindings, hardcover;

    »usually a book is just a copy - but not this one! 
    every poem is individually written with one of my typewriters (adler triumph gabriele 10 or olivetti lettera 32), so each single page is unique. out of about 90 poems i chose 16 for each book, therefore also the contents varies and is never the same.«

    if you are interested in buying this book just click here (paypal).
    for more information or if you have any questions, please send me an email at: anatol[at]anatol[dot]cc

    [my books available at the moment: anachronismwachsein & falling alphabet]

    but I really want this

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    Paper Installation Feels Like You’re Walking Inside a 3D Painting by Jacob Hashimoto

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    Istvan Sandorfi (born in 1948) also known as Étienne Sandorfi, was a naturalised French painter of Hungarian origin. He received his formal art education at École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts and at École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs in Paris.

    Sandorfi’s painting style, which blends a meticulous realistic technique with elements of surrealism, has been featured for the past three decades in important European galleries including Isy Brachot. His provocative draped figures and still-lifes appear in important private collections and museums on several continents, notably Centre Georges Pompidou, Musee de la Ville de Paris, Kunsthalle in Nuremberg, and the Taiwan Museum of Art, among others.

    Sandorfi died in December, 2007 in Paris.

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