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  3. abandonedography:

    Pencil on paper, 2013 - Jun Cen

    Original artwork for the animated short film Mutual Tunnels 

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  4. officialfrenchtoast:

    This fucked me up

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  5. photojojo:

    Charlotta María Hauksdóttir wanted to use her craft of photography to show how families are intimately linked to the homes they inhabit.

    In her series of photos entitled Moments, Charlotta set up her camera in the corner of a family room and snapped photos in regular intervals. Afterwards, she combined the images into these lovely composite photos.

    Photo Series Documents the Moments Families Share at Home

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  6. supersonicart:

    Audrey Kawasaki’s “Hirari Hirari.”

    Above are all the gorgeous new paintings by Audrey Kawasaki for her show, “Hirari Hirari" that is currently on display at Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles, California.  The show will be on display until August 30th, 2014.  Absolutely check it out if you’re in the area.

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  7. asylum-art:

    Isobel Adderley

    I really love the use of lines of thread to create random geometric shapes in Isobel Adderley’s work. I find the use of a point/points away from the face in the negative space adds another level of interest to the image. In some of the images it appears that the model is pulling/looking away from this point, as if they are tethered to it but have the desire not to be.

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  8. asylum-art:

    The Gouache Colored Collages of Fabienne Rivory

    Fabienne Rivory is a French artist who is making artwork that blends paint and photography since 2007. She loves to explore interactions between photography and painting, real world and imagination, memories and reality. Her paintings of the series ‘Miroir’ are made of watercolor or inks that are then digitally combined with photos. The finished works contain a certain vibrancy and mediate a more subjective and poetic vision. ‘These are dreamed images trying to recreate a momentary emotion that anyone can feel in front of nature’s beauty, a particular architectural shape, a landscape passing by or the silhouette of a beloved one.’

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  9. noresolutions:


    Double exposures from my I Am Not Your Flower series, May 2014


  10. mymindisanisland:

    Final installment of collaborative musings with the talented Michael Tunk

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